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Why is Get Excited Adventures such a great place for active minded people to step it up for fun and meet new people?

Get Excited is an extreme activities club that pushes people out of the ordinary lifestyle. For many years management has hosted thousands of exciting events throughout South Florida. Our professional event planners arrange activities that are for people who want adventure and excitement in their life. We push the limits of fun. Our members are not mainstream couch potatoes; members are approved based on their positive outlook on life. We believe, an exciting active lifestyle leads to a healthier mind and body. Basically, we push the limits of having fun.

Why is Get Excited Adventures better than a typical social club?

When you go to a social club people typically stand around afraid to talk to others. With Get Excited, when you are invited to one of our activities you will be engaged having “over the top” fun with everyone in the group. People loosen up when they are having lots of fun. Check out our calendar and enjoy classes in surfing, kite boarding, sailing events and group adventure trips to the Bahamas or Central America.

Think of Get Excited Adventures as an extreme social activity club that is physically active and teaches you to step up on excitement and meeting people, developing new relationships with people who want the most out of life. The worst thing that happens at Get Excited Adventures is that you have a great time at an exciting event. More often, you have a great time, make new friends, and maybe even a strong relationship- well, you get the idea!!

Come be a part of the fun! All you have to do is sign up, show up, and have a blast!


Olena Markel

Olena Markel joined Palm Breeze Charters in 2008 and currently serves as the Operations Manager and Captain. Olena is a licensed, Masters, 100 ton Captain with the United States Coast Guard. She also holds a Master's degree in Music and Law.

Olena is originally from the Ukraine. Here, she worked as an Event Planner overseeing upscale events throughout Europe, Asia, Africa and North America. Olena prides herself in providing high quality service to high net worth clientele.

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